Company Vision


DutchBuilt believes a great home positively affects the people who live in it.  We build with a deep understanding of how spaces will be used, designing them to be comfortable and flexible.  And while our primary goal is building high quality homes, DutchBuilt is equally concerned with environmentally friendly building practices.  By following Built Green principles, LEED guidelines, and Passive House principles, DutchBuilt homes are as friendly to the planet as they are to their owners.  We make design and construction decisions based on materials and products that look the best and last the longest, that minimize a reliance on natural resources, that put water and energy conservation front and center.  And it's all done with superior craftsmanship and inventive design.

Founded by Lukas Delen, Lukas Delen's architectural leadership and construction management experience fosters a great appreciation not only for building aesthetics, but spatial functionality, and usability.  Born in the Netherlands, Lukas has explored architecture around the world and continues to develop his interest in high-performance design.  His passion for sustainability is evident in his commitment to strive for LEED Platinum certification with appropriate projects.  Prior to founding DutchBuilt, he worked as a registered architect on a variety of designs ranging from small-scale private developments to large-scale public projects, including the addition and remodel of the Bellevue Square Nordstrom and the University of Washington Medical Center East Wing.  Lukas enjoys time with his family, skiing, playing soccer and tennis and coaching his kids' baseball and soccer teams.